According to our records, there is a

disturbing fact regarding your account...


We don't have it.

Throughout our hallways, in our offices and across our conference tables, one question remains unanswered...why?


It couldn't be our experience.

With over $3B product sold through retailers and nearly 100 years combined channel sales and marketing experience, A.J. Duran Consulting will add a seasoned insight to your current sales channels to quickly assess where you are and where you should be going. We specialize in retail strategy and implementation including sales, channel marketing and promotions. 


A sound overall channel pricing strategy is key to success, especially if Amazon is part of your channel mix.  We look at your channel holistically and ensure Amazon is integrated strategically.  We’re recognized by Amazon as a member of the Partner Network for overall Amazon go-to-market strategy including Amazon Brand Registry, Launch Pad, Seller Central vs Vendor Central, A+ Content Optimization, Amazon Advertising Services, Logistics, Promotions, Forecasting and International expansion.


We've been working with Amazon since their desks were made out of doors. And they still are.


It couldn't be our relationships.

We have hands on day to day expert knowledge to help you increase your understanding of the current technology marketplace to help you succeed in variety of channels to name few...  


  • Distribution Partners - D&H, Ingram, CMS, Softline, Cokem, Tech Data
  • National Retail - Apple, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sams Club, Costco
  • Regional Retail - MicroCenter, Datavision, B&H Photo, Adorama
  • On-line Retail - Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, The Grommet
  • Specialty Retial - HSN, QVC, William-Sonoma, REI, Starbucks


These relationships are based on launching products directly with the channel and creating channel marketing plans and promotions designed for maximum sell-though. We work for you, not for the retailers.


Based in Silicon Valley best known as the center of high-tech innovation and is the undisputed home of venture capital – we’ve connected several our clients with “Sandhill Road” to help accelerate growth.


It couldn't be how we work.

We cover most aspects in your go-to-market efforts on the exact level you need, whether you need a comprehensive channel launch or a sanity check before you go to market. In today's economy, A.J. Duran Consulting is a flexible sales and channel marketing asset that will work with you whether you are a start-up or an established company.  


It could be because we just haven't met.

It costs nothing to talk. We encourage you to contact us about your company's sales and marketing objectives and how we can consult with you to meet and exceed them in a timely and cost-effective manner.


We have proven knowledge and success of developing channel marketing strategies for products and developing the distributor and reseller framework to maximize your opportunities. We’ve been in our client’s shoes and have experienced several acquisitions and successful IPOs. And more importantly, we have learned the hard knocks of unsuccess and bad timing.


There are number of sales and marketing services we can provide depending upon how far you are along the channel path. No project or program is too small for us.  


We're here to help.